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Case 1: Traditional Weaning Diet - Congee (by Yeung, Chap-Yung)

Patient: 5 1/2 month old girl

Source: Hong Kong, 1970

Presenting features:
  Acute inspiratory stridor x 1 day.
  High swinging temperature, refused feeding x 2 days.
  Toxic, cyanotic, drooling of saliva, fretful.
  Fullness around upper neck + enlarged tender lymph nodes.

Relevant Investigations:
  Radiograph showed:

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Loss of cervical lordosis (probably due to para-spinal muscle spasm); increased soft tissue swelling anterior to upper cervical spines with foreign bodies ( specks of fish bone ) + radio-lucent ( gas-forming infections ) patches

  Retro-pharyngeal Abscess ( from fish-bone ).

  Child unfortunately succumbed, despite resuscitative and operative measures.

1) Congee ( watery rice ) is a basic weaning diet in Chinese. Fish is the most popular protein-source added to the congee.
2) Foods containing bones should be carefully screened or totally avoided for young infants.

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