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Case 2: Naphthalene ( moth-ball ) as insect-repellent (by Yeung, Chap-Yung)

Patient: 8 day old infant boy

Source: Hong Kong, 1985

Presenting features:
  Sudden jaundice after breast-feeding at home.
  Been observed in hospital for the first 7 days after birth for being G6PD deficient.

Relevant Investigations:
  High serum bilirubin, lowish hemoglobin and reticulocytes.

  Hemolytic jaundice.

  Mom had been informed of G6PD deficiency in baby and agents to avoid contact with baby.
  Repeated questioning revealed mom had put on an over-coat (previously stored with moth-balls) before this breast-feeding.

  Phototherapy with good response

1) Naphthalene vapor is very potent in precipitating hemolysis in G6PD deficient subjects.
2) Moth-ball as insect-repellent is popularly used among Chinese.
3) Mother's clothings and blankets must be included onto list of materials to avoid contact with Naphthalene in G6PD deficient subjects.

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