1. To accumulate up-dated scientific information on various child health issues and to highlight the unique features in Chinese children.
  2. To serve as a CME channel.
  3. To rally professionals with interests to provide health care for children of Chinese origin and to foster academic/professional exchanges among them.
  4. To foster exchanges between the East and West.
Special Features
  1. Bilingual audio-visual programs (English/Mandarin) - may serve as an ancillary tool for learning medical language.
  2. Potential list of health care workers for Chinese children.
  3. Opportunity for professionals and overseas Chinese to use information to improve the management of their children under the care of physicians less familiarized with Chinese problems.
  4. Availability also to lay people.
  5. Strategic position of Hong Kong - useful melting point for East-meeting-West and familiarity of instant translation of medical language for both professional and lay-people.

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